Princeton, British Columbia
Flight Information Services Enroute (FISE)
NAV CANADA, the country’s provider of civil air navigation services, has evaluated the
provision of Flight Information Service Enroute (FISE) using Remote Communication Outlets
(RCO). As a result of this evaluation NAV CANADA has embarked upon a multi-year RCO
redesign program aimed at improving FISE service coverage and reducing frequency
congestion on 126.7MHz.

To achieve these objectives and better serve aviation communication requirements in the
Princeton area, the following FISE RCO changes will be made:

• A new Princeton FISE RCO frequency 125.85 MHz will be installed. Pilots who require
flight planning, weather or NOTAM information should contact the Kamloops FIC (call sign
"Pacific Radio") on this new frequency.
• The existing 126.7 MHz will no longer be used for FISE or monitored by the FIC. It will
however be used by the FIC, as required, to provide the aeronautical broadcast service
(broadcast of SIGMET and urgent PIREP) and to conduct communication searches for
overdue aircraft. It will be published as 126.7 (bcst).

These changes will take effect July 29, 2010 at 0901 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
The appropriate aeronautical publications will be amended.

The FISE RCO system is under revision with numerous changes occurring over the next
several years. Pilots should monitor NOTICES and aeronautical publications for specific RCO
changes. Information on the RCO Redesign project including current maps of RCO sites and
their frequencies is available on the NAV CANADA web site ( under Products
and Services / ANS Programs / RCO Redesign or directly at the following link.

For further information, please contact:
Brian Stockall
Manager, Aeronautical Studies and Analysis

Edmonton Area Control Centre
P.O. Box 9867.
Edmonton, AB T5J 2T8
Telephone: (780) 890-3024
Fax: (780) 890-4341